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Palouki is situated by the Ionian Sea and is in a plain that stretches from northwest of Douneika up to Gomost] near Kato Achaia in the Achaea prefecture.

It also features its nearest beach in which it has been frequently used since the 1970s. Its length is approximately 2 km from north to south and east to west, its area is approximately 3 to 4 km².

Palouki is approximately 5 km of main roads and approximately 10 to 15 km of hydro lines. It has irrigated ditches in which it receives water to the farms and one connecting with a 1 km long aqueduct north of Palouki. Much of the area are made up of cypress and other types of forest and olive groves as well as cattle and a few crops.

The majority of the population lived in agriculture until the 2000s in which tourism generated by its beaches replaced many jobs, the rest work on services as well as a growing number on agricultural factories. The population had left for larger cities and outside Greece and it lasted until the 1980s when tourism boom and continues into the present day. Residential and other buildings are within the main and farm roads and stretches up to 300 to 400 m in length with some gaps on the main road and approximately 100 m in width.

Palouki (Greek, Modern: Παλούκι, Katharevousa: -ον -on), older forms: -o and -on is a Greek settlement located 7 km southwest of Amaliada about 74 km (old: 76 km) southwest of Patras and 24 km northwest of Pyrgos. Palouki had a 2001 population of 218 for the settlement.

Palouki is also in them unicipal district and the municipality of Amaliada. Palouki is connected with the road linking the GR-9 and the E55 (Patras - Pyrgos - Kyparissia) as well as Kardamas. The OSE's SPAP line is 3 km east as well as its nearest railway station in Kardamas. Its residents are based in agriculture and other jobs especially tourism in which became its main industry.

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